Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holding my breath...

and hopefully I won't have to hold it all night!

I've been watching the election results since I've been home.... heck, I was up this morning at 6:30 with the TV on! I knew that the only things they were going to say was that polls were opening, but I'm so excited, nervous, hopeful... You name it, I'm probably feeling it! Adam and I were able to vote early about three weeks ago, which turned out nice for us as we were able to walk in and right up to a voting machine. It was great! People I spoke to at work who voted even last week were waiting up to 2 hours. I'm not sure what the Shelby Co. lines were like tonight, I'll have to see tomorrow, but I bet they were lengthy! I'm just gonna say two things: I hope everyone went out and voted today (or has already done so in the previous weeks) and I wish I was with my friends in Maryville at their election party! We've been speaking over the phone a few times, but its just not the same.

On another completely separate note, I hope to be able to have some photos up here soon of the wedding! We've got our proofs but not the digital copies to upload. Of course, I could sit here and tell you about my wonderful, fabulous bachelorette party, but I'm too engrossed in the TV tonight -- SORRY!!!