Sunday, December 13, 2009

Almost Done!

We're rounding out the last of the residency inverviews...I can't wait until we're done!  There's one more in Dayton, OH at the beginning of Jan. That one will be nice because we're staying with my grandmother (whom I haven't seen since the wedding!) and we'll be able to eat at Maid Rite - the BEST hole-in-the-wall restaurant EVER!  However, we'll be in Ohio, in the winter, which is usually not very much fun!  We're so ready to get these all over with, I wish we could just stop by Ohio before we head back to Memphis...although I'm totally ready to be back in my own bed and be able to dress in clothing from my closet and not at bag!  I'll do a wrap up of the interviews after we get back home.  I know I said i'd be blogging along the way, but things have been so busy! When you're living a nomadic lifestyle and you have to get out of each room by 11 or noon every morning, and then find your way around cities you don't know, there's not as much down time as one might expect!

I also know that I haven't officially told you all my surprise!  I'll tell you (those that I haven't spoken to in person, yet) - I cut my hair! Its oh so short and I LOVE IT!  I'll post a photo when I get back home of before and after photos, but I don't have them with me now.  I realize that many of you probably thought I was pregnant after reading the last post, so the hair cutting thing isn't as exciting, now.  That wasn't my intent, but I wrote the last post quickly at work on the day that I made my appointment for (it was that evening) so I was excited.  I got home and told Adam what I did and he says, "you know everyone is going to think you're pregnant now!"  Oops....sorry! to come.

On a completely different note, I'm also ready to get done with this interview crap so that we can rank the programs and then begin the long wait until March 16th for Match Day.  Not that I'm excited about waiting until that date, but I'm sooo ready to start moving on with the next phase of our life.  I feel like we've been on hold since the sucks not to be able to have some sort of loose plan for your life...and I'm soooo ready to get out of our apt.  Not that I haven't liked it or the location, but Adam and I are ready to have something that's our own. I want to be able to buy/make Christmas Decorations that I have room to store after Christmas rather than be limited to putting up only 2/3 of our actual tree because we don't have the floor space for the whole tree!  I want to frame photos and art and actually have a place to put them rather than just back in the closet.  I want to buy throw pillows for the couch but actually be able to know that they'll go with the color of our living room rather than having white trim, beige walls, darker beige furniture, and no real anything to pull the room together.  I want to be able to go to an antique store and buy an old chair to have reupholstered.

I just feel that everything is on a stand-still right now and so up in the air...Can't I just take a peek into the future about 8 months from now?  Please, pretty please??