Friday, September 25, 2009

new name needed!

So...I'm not planning a wedding anymore.  Haven't been for 13 months, almost. I think its time for a new name.  I like the useless ramblings part...but, what to follow?  Any suggestions?  Adam and I are coming up on the joys of residency - he's applied to about 20 programs and is starting to schedule interviews, all within the months of Nov and Dec - so something tied to this upcoming adventure would be appropriate - but i'm not married (haha, knee slapper) to the idea.



  1. I'll have to think on it for a bit, but in the meantime, where all is Adam looking into? Did he decide on OB/GYN?

  2. I think just Useless Ramblings..

    I like the sound of it :)

  3. I agree. I like just Useless Ramblings, or you could call it "Useless Ramblings About..." and then title each of your posts.