Friday, October 24, 2008

Another night alone?

I don't like this rotation that Adam's doing...of course, I'm sure he doesn't like it either. At least he should be home around noon tomorrow rather than having to stay until 6 like he did last time. Almost 40 hours in one continuous shift. We decided it wouldn't be that bad to work all 40 hours at once if you had the rest of the week off. Of course, you'd still have to spend most of the next day recuperating from the crazy long shift. I'm not sure what specialty Adam will end up going into, but I'm not really looking forward to tons of nights on call during his residency.

So. I think its time for some photos to be posted. I actually want to start with the week before the wedding, in which many, many, projects were completed. I'm doing this partly so I'll remember ears in the future, and partly because I don't yet have photos from the wedding. They're on their way and should be here at the beginning of the week. However, I know it will take a few days to sift through them and pull out our favorites. Alright, I'll start off with ThursdayFriday the 21/22 of August. For Thursday's report, lets just say that the reason Thursday was run into Friday in the previous sentence was because it was run into Friday in real life. I think we might have had 2 hours of sleep Thursday night... Adam had the whole week off before we came home, and he did quite a bit of helping me gocco our favors and also ran a lot of errands, etc. Still, we ALWAYS wait until the last minute to pack, so why would this trip be any different? We actually spent most of Thursday night loading general wedding crap that had spent the last 19 months (wow...long engagement) piling up in our apartment. At least it started feeling like crap when it was 3am and we were running out of room very quickly in Adam's car. This was without any of our actual luggage... So, I slept a bit around 5am and I believe Adam actually just stayed up finishing some goccoing. In two very short hours and drug myself to work on Friday. My lovely and wonderful boss let me leave work Friday around noon so that we could get going. However, we still had to pack, remember? So, I think we finally left around 5, just in time to hit rush hour in Memphis! YES!! Wonderful start to our trip! There isn't much to say about the actual trip except that we spend most of the drive sifting through our music and working on our wedding play list. We didn't even have a first dance song at that point! We made the trip as useful as it could be, because at that point, every second felt like it was needed.

The trip went well, until we hit about two hours of stopped traffic between Nashville and Knoxville. There had been a huge wreck about 11am and at 10pm that evening, they were just clearing up the wreck. We heard via Adam's phone and data plan that both sides of the interstate had been closed. Seeing as how we were in one of those middle-of-nowhere spots that didn't have an exit. So, at that point, it was ok that we didn't leave until 5....we wouldn't have gotten home much sooner than what we did and we probably would have been pretty pissed. Of course, the inevitible happened just as we ran upon the traffic: I just announced, "Let's stop at the next exit...I have to pee"...I'm not sure that those words should ever be uttered on a road trip unless the car is safely within walking distance to the next exit. As Adam also needed to pee, we contemplated all the options we had at that point. There were no empty bottles...don't laugh, I've done it before, and I'm sure that some of you have at least contemplated it....don't lie, now. The terrain around us was going to be treacherous in the dark as there was about three feet of level ground, completely lit by car headlights, before the ground dropped off sharply. I really didn't want to risk one of us breaking our leg a week before the wedding, so we sat in pain until we got through the mess. I don't really remember what time we finally got home, but we didn't get to sleep until 5am Sat morning, that I do know, because on Saturday, it was up at 8am to be in Knoxville by 10 for my final dress fitting. I'll stop here as Saturday was my wonderful, fabulous bachelorette party! Adam did his thing too that night, but it got crashed! All in good fun though. Amanda took photos of my dress fitting on Sat morning, but when she sent them, they didn't go through for some reason. (pssst...please send them again). So, instead, here's me in the dress when we found it last Christmas. The look on my face here was, "did we really just find my wedding dress in 2 hours?!?"

ok...well, wordpress doesn't seem to want to upload photos tonight.  ugh...i guess this post will have to remain photo-less for now.  Sorry!

I feel like there should be other photos to post related to this portion of the trip, but honestly, I don't remember what photos we took...lack of sleep, I suppose. You're probably lucky I remember anything at all about these early days. Adam and I broke down and paid for a flickr pro account, which is good cause that whole 10megs a month free uploads just wasn't cutting it. I (and sometimes we) take WAAAYY to many photos, and now my standard photo on my wonderful, beautiful Nikon D80 is about 8 megapixels each. I could probably get about 3 photos a month uploaded. And of course, I never remembered to actually upload the photos each month. So, when we get past uploading our honeymoon photos to Flickr, I'll look to see if there's anything fun to add photo-wise. If I get dress fitting photos, I'll come back and upload them to this post too.

Well, I might be an old lady and go to bed before midnight on a Friday night. Oh well, I don't really sleep enough as it is. I hope everyone else has a lovely evening!


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