Thursday, July 24, 2008

At this very moment

...there is a large Piperlime box sitting in my office with 100 stamped, sealed, addressed, COMPLETED INVITATIONS!!! That's right, folks - They are DONE! So, be watching your mailbox over the next few days for a hefty envelope. Darn it that I forgot my camera today or I'd have a photo of them all packed (tightly) in the box. For those of you who have ordered shoes from, you know that the inside of their shipping boxes have a lovely lime green print and it just so happens to match my invites quite well! I've got a few more invites to address tonight as we had a few people give us their addresses over the past few days...I'll get a photo then. Its very nice to see them all packaged up like that and I don't want to forget this huge feeling of accomplishment that I have right now.

Well, off to the mail room to send them on their way! I'll probably show them off a bit too...our mail room employees have seen my thank you cards, save the dates, and so now they'll see my invites too! They're all very nice people. Thing is that its quite a way to the other end of campus and its probably 100+ outside today...and I've already walked there and back - twice. Don't ask! ;)


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