Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today was an awesome mail day!!!

The best one I've had in a while, but hopefully not the last good one before the wedding (which is um...a month and 6 days away!!!). The first happy item in the box was a small gift for my bridesmaids that I ordered a few days ago...this will be something to make them more comfy on the wedding day and in days to come. The second happy item was more photos from the wonderful Brian Wagner. Now, we can complete our guestbook and get that ordered and on its way. A third happy item was two lovely sets of red wine glasses from our registry. A complete surprise too as I have been expecting the other items. They will promptly replace the chalices we have been trying to pass off as wine glasses since Junior year. Seriously, we bought them at a Maryville College yard sale blowout - everything you can fit into a large cardboard box for a buck! If you've been to our apartment and seen these suckers, you know they weigh like 5 pounds...well, maybe not 5, but they're not exactly light - and definitely not light when you're a bit tipsy! These new glasses are Lennox crystal with the loveliest sounding "ping" to them. They have a balloon shaped cup with a (slightly) taller stem than normal. Very classic with a slightly modern update!

The last happy item that was waiting for me when I arrived home...6 lovely little green envelopes that looked quite familiar! That's right, we had 6 RSVPs in the mailbox today...the first ones to make it back to me. Those I left in the mailbox and came back with my camera to document the event...that's me, ever the photographer! Someone might have to hide my cameras from me so that I don't take one down the aisle...KIDDING!!! (mostly). The other good thing about the RSVPs arriving is that I got to begin my experiment with them. I wasn't 100% sure that people would figure out how to seal up the envelopes as I used a bit of a non-conventional method. However, I hoped that people would figure it out and if not, then I'd just get a lot of envelopes with tape on the back. Well, I'm happy to report that so far, we are 6 for 6...people are figuring out the design. Which is good, because I wanted things to be easy for people, but also easy for me to make. I think the major lesson I have learned from making the invites completely by hand is that next time, I'll order the dang envelopes. They came out just perfectly (I think) but they took far too long to make. I would say that I spend a good two weeks on making the envelopes themselves - that's including spending about 12 hours each day during a weekend. That's a whole lot of time that could have been spent on other projects....or getting the invites out two weeks earlier. Really....the next time I'll buy the envelopes (and by "the next time" I mean the next time I want to make a lot of cards, not the next time I get married!). Truth be told, the details that really make the envelope are the labels, stamps, liners, and any goccoed details - all of which can be made and added to old envelopes bought from any paper store. So...lesson learned, what more can I say... they're pretty, right? :)


  1. Thank you for getting married first and learning all my lessons for me ;)

  2. Hey Marriah - We had fun at dinner tonight. I'm glad you guys could come over, and thanks for the cake!!! SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

    Two weeks to go. I have a black cat here that is sadly counting down the days! =)


    PS I posted my blog above in the website section.

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