Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why I'm in love with Etsy

First of all, for those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, its an online marketplace...sort of like ebay, but instead of auctions, its for handmade items. There aren't any auctions - everything is a straight-up sale. If you like handmade items or are looking for a special gift for someone that isn't in every store down the street, I'd look to Etsy. That being said, beware - there's tons of fabulous artists out there....our own Hollie even has her own store selling jewelry. I'll probably set up a store when I have a non-wedding life again! However, I wanted to show everyone a few things that I've either found or had made for the wedding. Many of the artists will work with you to create a custom order - and everyone (from my experience) has been great to work with...they typically will throw in a little something extra or just package it up nicely.

The first thing that I'm excited to show you is our cake topper. I know I've mentioned these in a couple posts, but I got photos today of the finished product and I just couldn't wait to show you! The store is cotton bird designs and she makes some fabulous little birds! I really want to buy one that she's made from paper...they just seem too cool! So...without further is our cake topper!

topper 3

topper 2

I've debated on whether or not to show them, but I just had to let you guys see them! I don't yet have them, but they'll be on their way from England soon! The artist was wonderful to work with, very kind, quick to respond, and wanted to make absolutely sure that I was happy with the end product. We were going to use some fabric from my dress, but the length turned out perfect so there was nothing left over. I then saw some that she had made with antique lace and thought it was a nice addition.

The next artist that I worked with was Red Ruby Rose who makes wonderful little clutches. Notice these all seem to have sewing involved? Bet you can't guess what craft I'm not terribly wonderful at! Partially because I'm afraid to try and end up with another love of a slightly expensive hobby. I really need to start selling some things! I had her make me this clutch, only with a nice green silk lining to match my shoes!

clutch 1

clutch 2

Again, a fabulous product, great design, and very sturdy. She sent along a little set of magnets that she made using some scrap material of her other purses. She's got about 8 other patterns that I'd love to have - and I don't really consider myself a purse person...Hollie, on second thought, you probably shouldn't visit this site - both for your safety and mine! She was wonderful to work with and all I did was send a photo of the shoes to match the green and she found the silk from her supplier within a couple days, and about a week later I had my clutch!

I have found some other cute gifts as well...none of which I'm going to show now. I don't want to ruin the surprise!

The final artist I wanted to share tonight...partly because I need to get to work on the invites and partly because I could go on forever about some of the wonderful little stores that I've found... is EasterYu's shop. I haven't ordered anything from her, but I may have to break down and order a flower for my hair and quite possibly we may buy the boutonniere for the guys from her. They're about 12 -15 bucks each...which is probably about what it would cost to have real flower boutonnieres made. These have quite a bit of color as well and they can keep them. Though, I'm sure that the guys won't care so much about keeping them as what the gals would...however, they're still probably going to be about the same price-wise. For the flower for my hair, I could use it to add for my "something blue" and I could even add a splash of green, it seems! Not quite sure what I'll do, but I think they're fun ideas and something that will last. As for options for the boutonniere, I haven't found anything right away in her store that would work that I can show you here, but I'm sure she could come up with something! Here's a sampling of both.

white and blue hair flower 
 green hair flowerboutonniere 2

A little tidbit about the cake toppers: You will soon see some of the ribbon that was used to make the flower, bow tie, and vest, on my little cake topper, as its the ribbon that I have driven all over the South to find for my invitations. Well, not really all over the south, but it sure feels like it. Three stores in Memphis, one in Knoxville, two in Nashville, one in Louisville, KY and almost one in Dayton or Cincinatti, OH. I was legitimately traveling through those cities when I stopped to search the stores, but each time we went somewhere, I Googled the major city to see which Michael's was in the closest proximity to our route. Typically they were all close...but I finally got enough ribbon together for the invites...which are turning out quite nicely- although v e r y s l o w l y. Hopefully they'll be out at the beginning of the week...hopefully. Remember when I said, "Yeah, but there's no moving parts like the save the dates, so they'll go much quicker!" Well, I guess technically they're going quicker as I'm making 170 of these and only made 65 save the about the same time. So. There. I am pleased with them however. I'll get some photos up when they go out...don't want everyone seeing them before they get to their mailboxes! Speaking of invites...back to cutting and assembling! Have a lovely evening!


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